This site was built from the ground up by me. I did however choose to take short-cuts for the galleries and forums as they would take me a long time to teach myself enough html/php/javascript/sql to make a secure and reliable site. I will make use of piwigo and fluxBB to build up a user base and database that I can later build my own infrastructure around... when I have the time.

The site is currently only tested for Chrome, so other browsers like Firefox might be wonky.

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I will be doing the following in the next few weeks:

Adding lots more content and info
I use Chrome, so I've only tested for Chrome so far. Soon testing for Firefox, Opera and Edge.
Finding a way to integrate Piwigo galleries better into the rest of the website.
Designing passports for the girls
Collecting all the images I can find for this website!
Coding an effective dynamic php-based gallery that automatically interprets all the images on the server in sub-galleries with info.
Implemented piwigo and fluxBB to save time for now. They have a bridge that allows users to use the same login.
Implementing an overlay feature so that you can see the pictures in full, possibly with a side-scroller.
Looking into an SSL certificate so you can feel safe.
Researching possible forum software that can be integrated into the galleries (currenly have my eye on phpBB)
Adding pictures and better graphics to the website in general
Adding all kinds of information about what I do, etc.
Gradually promoting the site on twitter and elsewhere.
Posting as much free shit as I can find.
And a whole lot more probably.

... but am still working on comics now!